September 25, 2016

Moulton have a great catalogue of bicycles, and one of their families of bicycles is the Moulton AM Series -  Moultons very special 17" wheel bicycles.

To find out What those Crazy 17 Wheels are about, click here!

AM 20-2

Ideal for everyday cycling, the AM20-2 is set up to be maneuverable, smooth and comfortable.  It is at home cruising around the park connectors or taking you touring to parts unknown.

The AM20-2 has a separable frame to make transport and storage convenient. 


The AMGTMk3 takes the comfort and...

August 28, 2016

The SST, introduced in 2015, is elegance personified.

In 1962, Alex Moulton unveiled his revolutionary small-wheeled, full suspension bicycle.

Fifty years and millions of rider miles later, Moulton remains true to their original principles of small wheels and full suspension for comfort and speed; for the longest or shortest of rides on the smoothest or roughest roads.

The Moulton SST is the latest incarnation of the vision that created the most comfortable bicycles available.

  • features the essential Moulton ‘ingredients’:


August 28, 2016

When something is described as a "Gateway" it generally means "Beware, if you try this you will be hooked.".  Well that's what we think about the Moulton TSR 10.

We recommend you test ride this bicycle at any BRU or My Bike Shop, but take care.  Once you appreciate the smooth ride and stable feel, you have made your first step into the world of Moulton - unique bicycles that offer an exemplary ride feel.

What Is a TSR 10?

Well first, lets talk about the TSR Series.  This is your entry point into the world of Moulton bicy...

July 8, 2016

Our new TSR 10's have now arrived and in stock at our dealers.  A great range of colours available.

What Is a TSR 10?

Well first, lets talk about the TSR Series.  This is your entry point into the world of Moulton bicycles.  But it is much, much more than that.

The TSR is really a platform that allows dedicated riders the opportunity to create a custom bicycle.  All TSR's share the core engineering principles of any Moulton - a spaceframe construction that is lightweight, rigid and incredibly strong; rear hydrolasti...

July 3, 2016


Reason #5:   A History of Innovation

Dr Alex Moulton pioneered the small wheeled bicycle revolution more than 50 years ago.

All of today's small wheeled bikes can pay tribute to the original Moulton 'F' frame design which not only introduced and proved the concept of full-size bicycles with small wheels, but also, right from launch in 1962, have used front and rear suspension systems for improved comfort and performance.

The Moulton Bicycle has been developed and refined constantly ever since and is held in high regard thr...

June 20, 2016

The fourth in our short series of articles highlighting why Moultons are just so comfortable to ride.  

And strong as well.  

How else could Moultoneers enjoy major adventures in the saddle.  Read on..

Reason#4:  Touring Proven

From the beginning the Moulton Bicycle has been widely acclaimed as the best touring bicycle in the world. Its design has ample capacity for carrying and the low centre of gravity and suspension make it stable at high speed even when fully loaded.

The immensely strong compact wheels are far longer lastin...

June 8, 2016

In the third article in this mini-series, we look at the Moulton approach to engineering comfort into your ride – with no compromise on performance.  

In fact, the Moulton suspension systems give great control and stability at speed

Reason #3 – Full Suspension Comfort

One of the distinctive features that surprise the casual observer is the fact that every Moulton frame has a full suspension system.

Front Suspension – Engineered for Comfort

In order to accommodate the hard ride of the ultra-rigid frame, strong wheels and high pr...

April 23, 2016

The Moulton is one of the best riding bikes on the road today. This is due, in large part, to the highly adjustable suspension system. It allows the advantage of strong, rigid wheels in combination with high pressure/low rolling resistance tires, while still providing a more comfortable ride than a conventional bike.  I was given a chance to ride two models – a TSR 10 and a Jubilee Veloce.

Today I am covering the 406 based Jubilee Veloce manufactured out of Bradford, the original home of Moulton. Previously the AM mode...

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