June 20, 2016

The fourth in our short series of articles highlighting why Moultons are just so comfortable to ride.  

And strong as well.  

How else could Moultoneers enjoy major adventures in the saddle.  Read on..

Reason#4:  Touring Proven

From the beginning the Moulton Bicycle has been widely acclaimed as the best touring bicycle in the world. Its design has ample capacity for carrying and the low centre of gravity and suspension make it stable at high speed even when fully loaded.

The immensely strong compact wheels are far longer lastin...

June 19, 2016

The Chedech is back at our Dealers in Singapore.  

This all-carbon, 18"wheel foldie with its integral 5 speed hub is an amazing bicycle to ride.

Making use of Carbon to make it strong and light (only 9,3kg), the carbon construction also makes the Chedech a very comfortanble ride.

Pre-Order and pay in full at any BRU or My Bike Shop store and get a great travel bag (worth $45.00) and an accessories voucher (worth $50.00). Simply quote PromoCode “Amazing All Carbon”

The all-carbon Chedech sets itself apart from other 16”/18”fold...

June 9, 2016

The Tyrell FX is the perfect companion for enjoying life in the fresh air. A maneuverable, speedy sports cycle, the FX zips along driven by 10 speed Shimano Tiagra.

Just one of the many reasons that make Tyrells the best small wheeled performance bicycles around.

We want to see where the FX takes its owners. Send us photos of you out and about with your Tyrell and the FIVE we judge to be the best will receive a Tyrell Day Bag (rrp $235.00)

Simply post 3 shots of you out with your Tyrell (stationary, in action and with you) in...

June 8, 2016

In the third article in this mini-series, we look at the Moulton approach to engineering comfort into your ride – with no compromise on performance.  

In fact, the Moulton suspension systems give great control and stability at speed

Reason #3 – Full Suspension Comfort

One of the distinctive features that surprise the casual observer is the fact that every Moulton frame has a full suspension system.

Front Suspension – Engineered for Comfort

In order to accommodate the hard ride of the ultra-rigid frame, strong wheels and high pr...

June 5, 2016

Continuing our series on the 7 Reasons that makes Tyrell one of the most distinctive small wheeled bikes out there. In this second article, we are discussing the frame materials that Tyrell uses on their bikes.

Browse through a Tyrell website or catalogue and you’ll discover a range of models using different materials.

So let’s explore the different materials that Tyrell use on their bikes. The decisive factor in material selection is the balance of weight and frame stiffness.


Aluminium is a popular choice of materia...

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