July 31, 2016

A magnificent gathering of a group of Tyrells on Today's Car Free Sunday here in Singapore. 

This Sunday was a special event with the Tyrell SG riders group celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.

Getting members out in force, these pictures show an eclectic collection of Tyrells - showing off the colours and different ways that Tyrell owners customise these great bicycles to their personal preferences.

Tyrell is one of the leading manufacturers of Mini-Velos.  A Mini-Velo distinquishes itself from a folding bicycle in that ,...

July 25, 2016

The second in our two part Article on the latest 18"wheel folders - Face Off  between the Tyrell IVE and the Chedech 5

Recap: Everyone is familiar with the benefits of small wheels for commuting and city riding.

The 16 inch category was very much a foldable domain that started it all. Bickerton, Brompton and Dahon were the early starters in this field and modern day challengers came in the likes of Bike Friday Tikit. But this is not a review of 16 inch wheeled foldables. It’s a focus on two brands who took the challenge of...

July 24, 2016

Part One: Tyrell IVE

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of small wheels for commuting and city riding but the 16 inch category for a long time was very much a foldable domain that started it all.

Tyrell IVE (on left), Chedech (on right)

Bickerton, Brompton and Dahon were the early starters.  But in this field, modern day challengers arrived in the form of Bike Friday Tikit. With the advantage of modern day design and innovation, many after riding a Bike Friday Tikit would say it’s got the fastest fold and the ride of a bi...

July 24, 2016

Tyrell bikes are one of the easiest to work with, with wide compatibility with standard components offered by bicycle equipment suppliers.

This easy compatibility is a conscious effort to use stock components and avoid proprietary components specific to the bike model.

This allows Tyrell bikes to be upgraded very easily in a modular fashion. Need a derailleur upgrade? Want to change to higher gearing? or convert from flat to drop bars? These are easily accomplished with every Tyrell bike.

Tyrell customers can configure and...

July 24, 2016

The final short article in our series explaining the 7 Reasons Why Moulton is the Most Comfortable Bicycle in The World.

No. 7 explores the Moulton Heritage of Craftsmanship and Engineering.

From the early F-Frame models that were launched in the 1960's to the current Spaceframe models today, one thing that has remained unchanged for more than five decades is the common theme of British design and that the bikes are made in Britain, by highly skilled craftsmen.

The Moulton's frame and forks are hand-brazed in the UK by our sm...

July 23, 2016

We loved this version of the IVE from our friends at Loro in Japan.

The IVE is designed to be compact and a great urban runaround.  

This example looks like it has been set up to take on slightly rougher terrain.  

The chunky tyres are Schwalbe Black Jacks.  Good looking bike!

All of our dealers have the full range of IVE colours in stock.  And when you buy, you can add on a rear rack and save $50.00

IVE  S$1,900.00

Rear Rack S$85.00   (rrp S$135.00)

Find out more about the IVE click here ...

July 21, 2016

We are seeing the emergence of the Artisan Business.

Serving local communities, they need to get to customers quickly and efficiently.  

And that is where the Kiffy offers an exciting new opportunity to be nimble, efficient, green.  A new concept in Adult Cargo Trikes, that is flexible and adaptable to individual business needs

The Front Plate on the standard Kiffy carries loads of up to 25kgs.

But add on the Heavy Duty plate, and the Kiffy transforms into a real workhorse - able to carry loads up to 80kg.

And when you ge...

July 20, 2016

We have been working with My Bike Shop, My Bike Shop 2, My Bike Shop tres, BRU, BRU2 to make sure our brands are conveniently located for our fans to find, test, try and buy.

Chedech.  Conceived , designed and born in Korea.

Completely Carbon.  Super Light. Great Ride.

With a mission to revolutionise the riding experience of a folding bicycle, Chedech has succeeded to the max.

Using Carbon Fibre to deliver lightness, strength and comfort, Chedech had to invent completely new ways to weave the fiber.  The result has t...

July 17, 2016

Another one of our 5 winners of the FX Photo Call competition receiving a Tyrell Day bag at BRU.

Our winner, Frances Sha is pictured receiving the Day Bag at BRU@Yishun.  To see her pictures, click here

The reasons Frances gave why she loves her delightful red FX so much:

- Tyrell gives us not only speed, but also fun!

- Our Tyrell is like a piece of art!

- Always a great companion!

The Tyrell Day Bag is available from our dealers for S$235.00

July 16, 2016


TYRELL lovers who are looking for something higher in the performance range than the FX, can upgrade the groupset on their FX – or they can make one major upgrade in the frameset by opting for the TYRELL FSX.

With thinner walled aluminium extrusion to shave more weight off the frame while maintaining the characteristic stiffness of Tyrell bikes – the result is a triangular top tube (which also serves to become a signature of the FSX).

A full carbon handlepost and fork now comes on the FSX (compared to the FX which...

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