July 30, 2017

Tyrell bicycles, conceived, designed and built in Japan are testament to fine attention to detail and uncompromising quality of materials and parts.

The result is a range of bicycles that look great, that perform to the highest standard and are strong and long lasting.

This is the first in a short series of 8 articles, describing the unique characteristics of Tyrell that make them such a special bicycle and riding experience.

REASON #1 - Frame Design

One of the most distinctive features that makes a Tyrell stand out is its uni...

July 30, 2017

We have new FSX colours arriving in mid-august; Italian Red with Matt Black rear frame and Turquoise with Gloss Black rear frame.  

Both stunning colours, equipped with Shimano Ultegra.

These beauties are on offer at $4,600  

That is a great deal - while our (limited) stocks last.

The FSX is the ideal Tyrrell for Tyrell lovers who are looking for something higher in the performance range than the FX, can upgrade the groupset on their FX – or they can make one major upgrade in the frameset by opting for the TYRELL FSX...

July 28, 2017

Moulton is a unique cycling concept.  

So different with its small wheels, inbuilt suspension and crazy spaceframe that is it always great to find an owner who can give testament to just how good the Moulton riding experience is, and, even better, can explain why.

You can check out the original blog here.  http://copeland.id.au/?author=1

With apologies to the author, his words follow....

The moment you decide to buy a Moulton you are aware that being a non-orthodox bicycle it will challenge what people accept about bicycl...

July 27, 2017

On the afternoon of Thursday 20th July 2017, Le Tour de France came to the mighty Izouard Pass.  

Rising to 2,361m in the French Alps, it is an afernoon of the greatest challenge for the riders.

​In the morning of that day, it was the turn of Le Kiffy!

In his pre-race interview, Chris Foome was asked where he thought the Tour would be won or lost.  This is what he said.  

" It’s harder to pick a key moment where the race will be won or lost but if I had to put my finger on one big stage that’s going to be definitive in...

July 16, 2017

We have 1 only Tyrell CX Drop Bar with  SRAM Apex available at a great price.

RRP SG$3,700

Available at BRU for SG$1,800 only.

Great bargain.  Grab it while you can.

The Tyrell CX is a classic mini-velo.  451 wheel format, fixed frame, the CX is a great riding bicycle.  Constructed with a Cro-Moly Steel frame, the CX has been designed to give a more comfortable ride.

And equipped with SRAM Apex, this CX is fast.

Available at BRU@Yishun

July 16, 2017

Designed to be an ideal personal lifestyle companion,  Kiffy is also easily adaptable to be great working transport for small businesses or other enterprises that need an ecological, convenient and economic way to transport tools or goods.  

Paris has already adopted Kiffy as a great tool to help keep their boulevards and parks clean and neat.

Already in place in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Kiffy has just arrived in 5 other districts to equip the road services of the capital.

With a view to organizing the Olymp...

July 16, 2017

On July 19th 2017, the Kiffy will climb the famous Izoard Pass. 

This mythical climb of 4.1km. which culminates at 2,360 meters above sea level, is a regular rendezvous of the Tour De France. 

This year, the riders of the big loop will finish the 18th stager on this pass, for a battle between favourites on gradients up to 14%!  This stage between Briancon and Izoard, 178km long, will take place on Thursday 20th July.

The Kiffy will set out to tame the Izoard steep road the day before.  Needless to say that having 3 wheels p...

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